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Most Interesting Ad

  Dr. Wolcott's Pain Paint,
  "A Hundred Years Ago",
  Impeachment is mentioned—the
  impeachment of 1868.

Publisher Contact: John Adler (203) 622-9069
 530 Old Post Road #3, Greenwich, CT 06830  Fax (203) 629-4865

Most Creative Advertiser: Grover & Baker Sewing Machines
Check out its verse and its endorsements (Mrs. Jefferson Davis before the Civil War and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant after it).
Most Timely Advertiser: Travelers' Insurance Co. of Hartford
Its 1869 Ad announced the payment of $10,000 on the life of Harper's Weekly founder James Harper, less than a month after he was thrown from his carriage and died.
Most Impressive Agency Ad: G. P. Rowell & Company

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